April Fool Jokes


This cat, is cat, a cat, good cat, way cat,
to cat, keep cat, an cat, idiot cat, busy cat,
for cat, 20 cat, seconds cat !
Now read it without the word cat.
Happy April Fools Day

31st March Or 1st april
Fool is Fool dosnt matter.
Wishing very happy, prosperous and joyful
Fool Day to the King of Fools.. 🙂

Just close your eyes and think of yourself for 10 seconds.Open your eyes. Now you will realize that you have wasted 10 seconds thinking of a fool.

Congratulation today is your day!

When the whole world will, CELEBRATE:
But keep in mind,
April Fool comes once a year.

Happy birthday to you, because you’re born for this day!

Hey get ready, my marriage is fixed.
Its on first of April.
Stupid, first April is April fool,
and you are the first person whom I fooled.

This is a VIRUS . . .
When you turn your phone off it WON’T WORK AGAIN

This is not SMS, it’s just an April Fool Trick
Place a bottle of liquid dish soap into the toilet tank.
The next person to flush the toilet will be greeted
with an overwhelming amount of bubbles.


Joke of the day for Adults

Start your day with Funny Adult Jokes

Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand. 

– Dady, what is in between mummy’s legs?
– A paradise.
– And what’s between your’s?
– The key.
– So you should change the lock, because our neighbour has a passkey.

Sex without condoms is magical… A baby appears and father disappears.

Q: Which sexual position produces the ugliest children?
A: Ask your mother.

Why having fun with a prostitute is like a bungee jumping?
You’re dead, if the rubber breaks.

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